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The Identity of the West in the Face of Global Migration: An International Symposium held at John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL) on 17 May 2016


[The Poster in Polish / Plakat w języku polskim: pobierz tutaj]


Plenary Session (Hall: CTW-114)

10.00 Opening Address by the President of KUL

10.10 Piotr JAROSZYŃSKI (KUL) – Identity: What Is It for? From Individual Identity to Civilizational Identity

10.40 Rev. Zdzisław KLAFKA (Rector, WSKSiM, Toruń) – The Church and Migration

11.10 Discussion

12.00 Coffee Break

12.30 Rev. Tadeusz GUZ (KUL) – The New Left on Migration


Lunch Break: 13.30-15.00

Concurrent Sessions

I. Migration and the Cultural Identity of Europe and of the USA (Hall: GG-208)

15.00 Peter A. REDPATH (Rector, Adler-Aquinas Institute, USA) – The Donald Trump Phenomenon and the Identity of the West in the Face of Global Migrations

15.30 Curtis HANCOCK (Rockhurst University, USA) – Falsehoods, Myths, and Lies about Immigration in  America

16.00 John HITTINGER (Center for Thomistic Studies, Houston, Texas USA) – Aspects of Cultural Identity in  the Thought of John Paul II

16.30 Rev. Paweł TARASIEWICZ (Adler-Aquinas Institute, USA) – The Open Society and the Clash of Migrating  Civilizations

17.00 Richard FAFARA (Adler-Aquinas Institute, USA) – Migration, Islam, and de Tocqueville

17.30 Peter SIMPSON (The Graduate Center, City University of New York, USA) – Hic et Nunc. Globalization and Haecceitas


II. Cultural Consequences of Migration (Hall: GG-212)

15.00 Zbigniew PAŃPUCH (KUL) – Hellenism: A Nationalism or a Universalism?

15.25 Paweł SKRZYDLEWSKI (Ignatianum, Krakow) – Is It That Positive Law Protects the Identity of Western Civilization?

15.50 Imelda CHŁODNA-BŁACH (KUL) – Multiculturalism in the Perspective of Education

16.15 Artur MAMCARZ-PLISIECKI (KUL) – One Political Ethos, Different Nations. A Case of the First Republic of Poland


III. Discussion Panel (Hall: CTW-114)

15.00 Robert PTASZEK (KUL) – Immigrants: An Encounter of Islam and Christianity in Europe

15.30 Ewa KUREK – Jewish Immigrants in Poland: Religious, National, and Political Aspects


16.30 Coffee Break

17.00 Mieczysław RYBA (KUL) – Sources and Results of the Recent Waves of Immigrants in Europe

17.40 Rev. Andrzej MARYNIARCZYK (KUL) – The Identity of the Human Person as a Source and Defence of the Identity of the West

18.20 Discussion

18.40 Piotr JAROSZYŃSKI (KUL) – Closing Address


All the Participants are invited to attend the Holy Mass celebrated at 8:00 a.m. at the Academic Church of KUL

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