With the submission of an article, the following information is required from authors: name and surname, academic affiliation, physical address, and e-mail address.

● The submitted article should be accompanied by: 1) list of references, 2) summary (100-150 words), and 3) selection of key words (5-15 words), all in English.

● The suggested length for articles is 25,000 to 40,000 characters (including spaces and foot or end notes).

● As a matter of course, please ensure these writing practices:

the purpose and primary thesis are stated clearly;

the purported significance is explicitly stated;

the research and literature review methods are explained;

relevant literature is integrated into the article;

research study methods are sound, appropriate and clearly explained;

all theses are argued persuasively;

the writing is clear, concise and interesting;

and the conclusion or summary is accurate and supported by the content.

● All submitted articles should conform to the Chicago Citation Style (see attachment below).

Submission Guidelines 2014.pdf
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